CGLux Production SA

CGLux Production is a company based in Luxembourg that creates 2D - 3D animation, special effects, virtual reality and augmented reality. The company has participated in many films and short films. Three of the four of these films received international awards:

  • 2012 appointments at the César - a Monster in Paris.
  • 2013 Berlin European Film Prize - the Congress.
  • 2014 Oscars for best short film - Mr Hublot.
  • 2015 Césars for the best animated film - Les Miniscules..

  • The compagny has also been creating special effects for over thirty films, series and shorts, in live action and animation. CGLux also does geovisualization for architectural, engineering projects. We design the virtual models that facilitate the production line. On computer, tablet, smartphone, VR headset. Finally, we do the development and production of virtual and augmented reality projects. From conception to editing, including 2D/3D shooting and assembly.

Virtual Reality

CGLux is an experienced team in each of the development and production stages of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects. From conception to editing, shooting and stitching.


CGLux has participated in numerous films, series and animated short films. Some of them, such as Monsieur Hublot or Les Minuscules, have been internationally awarded.


Our experience in special effects has been acquired on more than thirty films, series and short films in real shooting and animation.


Bybye Germany

vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation

L'ecume des jours


Love eternal

vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation

The Congress

vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation

Clash of Futures 1918-1938

vfx, compositing

Camille Claudel

vfx, compositing

Justice do Net

vfx, compositing

Night of the 1000 hours

vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation

never grow old

vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation

la finale

vfx compositiong


vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation


vfx, compositing and 3D asset creation

virtual reality

Forest VR

forest virtual reality ( WIP )

Finding Jacob

co-production and post production


( WIP )

Are you in?

handicap international


Mr Hublot

set modeling / texturing


set modeling, texturing, shading

Un Monstre de Paris

vfx 2D/3D

the prince of the city of sand

all animation production

Apple pie

animation production, R&D, rendering, compositing


all animation production

Le Cristal Magique

modeling, texturing, shading, rendering, compositing

Droles de petites betes


CGLux is looking for new skills

    Secretaire/Assistant(e) de direction
  • A l'aise avec les outils de communications
  • Excellente maîtrise du Français et de l'Anglais. Le luxembourgeois et l'Allemand sont considérés comme un atout
  • Connaissance de la chaîne de fabrication de l'animation est un atout



CGLux production
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